Have you ever heard someone say ?

 “I wish I knew more people in our church”?

Or perhaps you have wondered how you could be more involved?

Or maybe you’ve said to yourself: “How can we show our children what it means to be Christian?”

Do you find it difficult meeting new people? Nearly everyone does.

If you recognise yourself in these questions, perhaps Parish Family Groups are for you.

Changing Faces Into Names and Names Into Family

By joining a group you will be in immediate contact with other families.

Once you know them, you’ll find you are able to greet people at Mass in a completely new way.

A Parish Family Group is a great way of helping you to break down the barriers if you find it difficult to talk with people.

What Are The Aims?

Members aim to get to know each other.

They wish to support each other’s joys and sorrows and so build the Christian Community.

They wish to involve their children in Christian sharing directly, if possible, or indirectly by their example. “Love one another as I have loved you.”

What Happens in a Group?

The groups gather once a month or so for a picnic, barbecue, casserole night, etc to enjoy being with one another and gradually to develop supportive relationships.

Some gatherings can be just for the adults (to give parents of young children a bit of breathing space) while others include everybody. It’s YOUR group and you can decide together what to do!

Every gathering is a special time to develop friendships and enjoy spending time together.

The groups work together to build the parish community by sharing experiences. This is a key way Parish Family Groups live the faith in the circumstances of everyday life.