The servers at St Gabriel’s belong to the Guild of St Stephen which was originally instituted at the start of the twentieth century.

The object of the guild is very much in line with what Christ said when he talked of serving rather than being served. Thus we hope to instil in all those who serve here a sense of contribution to the liturgy and worship of the Lord through both reverence and understanding of how serving on the sanctuary can bring us closer to God.

A server’s tasks can encourage a sense of vocation and act as a practical witness for the parish as a whole. It also brings us closer to the priest as he stands in persona Christi during the mass.

Each time we serve, we gather in prayer beforehand with the priest and in thanksgiving at the end of mass as part of our Christian journey towards God.

Serving brings with it a sense of the family to which the servers belong as well as the wider family of the parish and the universal Catholic church.

It shows our faith in our beliefs and our willingness to be a public witness to them.

We encourage any young person who would like to help at mass to join us in our work for the Lord.

For more information speak to John Heaton (MC) after mass.


Our servers were all enrolled on the feast of Pentecost